Brilliant: Soaring Science from a Rising Bio Campus

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A Top 3 City to Start a Business

WalletHub recently conducted a study to find the top cities to start a business, using 16 key metrics such as office-space affordability and educational attainment of the local labor force.

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ROOTS, REINVENTION and THE RINGS: Get the inside story on the revival of the Oklahoma River.

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Taking Off

Oklahoma City's aerospace sector continues to fly with a historic announcement from Kratos Defense.

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Key Industries

The Greater Oklahoma City area was settled at the shot of a gun at the famous Land Run of 1889, bringing thousands of homesteaders from around the world to stake their claim to acres of opportunity. That same entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in our state and in the character of our people.

This spirit of growth combined with our ability to successfully collaborate on issues of importance has fostered economic diversification and steady and sustainable growth. This can best be seen in our major industry clusters:

Recent News

Oklahoma City-based biotech company raises $50 million for clinical trials

Staff Reports // Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Inc. has raised $50 million to pay for clinical trials for two of its product applications.

OKC-created Cage eliminates ‘pain points’ for project collaborators

Jim Stafford // Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My friend Jay, a videographer for a local advertising firm, works collaboratively with colleagues and clients on advertisements and promotional videos.

A look back can show the way forward for Oklahoma innovation

Scott Meacham // Tuesday, April 17, 2018

If you are a regular reader of these columns, and I hope you are, you can tell that I like history. There are the lessons, of course, and the perspective we gain from looking back. And there are the celebratory moments. There's always an “aha” moment in history, although we may not recognize it at the time.

CoreLogic buys second Oklahoma technology company

Brian Brus // Monday, April 16, 2018

A California-based property and financial data company has purchased its second technology business in Oklahoma.

Stillwater explores new life for old power plant

Molly M. Fleming // Monday, April 16, 2018

The city is searching for a developer to renovate and reuse an 18,761-square-foot building near Boomer Lake.

Scientists generate interest, profits in suds

Molly M. Fleming // Monday, April 16, 2018

There’s a lot of science behind Iron Monk’s beer.

Climate control goes high tech in Oklahoma City

Richard Mize // Saturday, April 14, 2018

It's new and shiny and so cutting edge even young people are drawn to it, they say — just what manufacturers and technology service firms are counting on to supply a future workforce.

Softball stadium upgrades to start in June

Brian Brus // Friday, April 13, 2018

Bid packages are out, but upgrades worth $20.3 million at the Softball Hall of Fame Stadium won’t begin until the Women’s College World Series ends in June, project officials said.

Stillwater's Energy Center's design earns recognition, praise

Jack Money // Friday, April 13, 2018

An energy center's design is getting some recognition, and its owner, Stillwater Electric Utility, couldn't be happier.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation presents awards

Staff Reports // Friday, April 13, 2018

The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation presented Christy Everest with its Board of Directors Distinguished Service Award at its annual honors and awards ceremony Thursday.

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A River's Rise

In many ways, the story of the Oklahoma River and the modern-day renaissance of Oklahoma City go hand-in-hand. The river and Oklahoma City had many ups and downs during their first century before the original MAPS program jump started an unprecedented rebirth for both. You can read more about the rise of the Oklahoma River here.

Greater Oklahoma City

The #1 city worth moving to if you want to launch a business, and a Top 10 fastest-growing cityTop 10 for recession recovery, and a Top 10 job growth ranking.  The #1 city for tech growth among its peers.  A "must-visit destination in 2016" and one of the best places for young adults to thriveThe list of reasons you should locate your business in Oklahoma City is growing - almost as quickly as the list of reasons why people love living here.  In Greater Oklahoma City, we understand that partnership among business, government, EDOs and civic leaders is integral to our success. Let us introduce you to the thriving 10-county region that is greater Oklahoma City: a city that has rediscovered its strengths - and redefined itself for the future; and to the regional economic development partnership that is here to help you create success.

Meet our region

The cost of living and residential real estate pricing in the OKC area were significantly lower than in other cities being considered as potential locations... Employees who have moved here from California, Arizona and Colorado have mentioned the lower cost of living, lack of traffic congestion, Bricktown, good schools, and friendly people as reasons they are very happy with their decision.
Neal Krueger, President and CEO of AAA Oklahoma/South Dakota
This wasn't just an economic development initiative. This was a joining of a corporation with real people and a real community and a real sense of partnership.
Brenda Hudson, Director of SMB Services for Dell Inc.
This was the most unique thing I have ever been involved in, in my 32 years of Air Force service. I have never dealt with a Chamber like this before. They were so aggressive and responsive. They were going to make it happen. You sensed it. It was extremely rewarding for me to be able to deal with people of that caliber.
Debra Walker Tune, former Department of Defense Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Logistics
We found the city and the state to be flexible and easy to work with in helping us understand and maximize the financial incentives for locating the [AAA] center here in OKC.
Neal Krueger, President and CEO of AAA Oklahoma/South Dakota

Our diverse properties and sites offer variety and solutions that bring you the environment, access and employment base you seek.

Finding the perfect real estate option for your relocation or expansion is easy to do in Greater Oklahoma City. With a combination of affordability, availability and flexibility there is an option that meets your needs. The region boasts numerous Certified Site and Site Ready locations, ample greenfield sites, and unique brownfield redevelopment sites.

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