Factors Driving Volunteer Rates Also Good for Business - OKC in Top 5

Oklahoma City has the fifth highest overall volunteer rate among the 51 largest cities in the U.S., as well as the second-highest number of volunteer hours per resident, among other high volunteer rankings. The latest Volunteering in America Report explains the factors that drive OKC's high volunteerism rates, like home ownership levels, short commutes, high education levels, low foreclosure rates and low unemployment -- factors that are also good for business.
(June 16, 2010)

Volunteering in America / U.S. Government | Archived Article


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The ten counties that make up Greater Oklahoma City bring more than 1.25 million in population and nearly 635,000 in labor force. While the counties are inextricably connected by their economic activities, each has unique characteristics and advantages. Look here to find high quality, reliable and comparable data each of our 10 counties. Choose one of the links on the left to see aggregate data on each county.

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