Oklahoma faces in the BIO crowd

Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 5:00 am By: NewsOK Staff Source: NewsOK
biotechnology entrepreneurship, and president and CEO of Oklahoma City's Moleculera Labs

“I have 26 partnering meetings and two book signings. There are three areas I have meetings in. They are financing, partnerships and collaboration, and acquiring technology that would be complementary to what we are doing. I've got another day with probably eight or nine more meetings.”

Katherine Long, Data Master for the Ponca City Development Authority

“We have in the last couple of years recruited a bio company to Ponca City. It's called Log10. I've done a couple of shows with them and I actually understand enough to talk knowledgeably about them. That helps us to maybe grow our biotech in Ponca City because we have incentives available, we have building space, we do have lab space available. For any company that is looking to expand into a middle-of-the-United States location, Ponca City may be a good fit for them.”

Jason Smith, Norman Economic Development Coalition

“Obviously, Norman has an interest in expanding our opportunities to attract investment in bio and life sciences. Then also, I'm supporting OU in their efforts. I'm also manning the OKBIO booth here at the show.”

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