Coworking space opens in OKCís Midtown

Published: Monday, December 24, 2018 By: Michael Kinney Source: The Journal Record
Uncommon Seed membership list has grown to 12 since. There are three different levels of membership, which range in monthly fees from $100 to $300.

“Basically anyone who doesn’t want to work in their house or doesn’t want to sit in a coffee shop,” Desiree Beckman said. “We have so many different people. We have real estate agents. We have a luxury travel agent. We’ve got graphic designers. So it’s not really for just one type of industry, it’s really just for anyone who wants to step outside and feel like they’re a part of a community rather than just sitting at home alone.”

The Uncommon Seed is not the first coworking space in the area. Others in the metro area include StarSpace46, Halcyon Works in the Paseo Arts District and The Collective in Edmond, which is an all-women’s coworking space.

The Beckmans believe they are on the cutting edge of what will become a growing trend in the state.

“We’ve actually had requests to help other people develop their own coworking spaces downtown,” Lee Beckman said. “So it’s becoming more attractive, more popular. There has been a lot more interest than I really anticipated. If it keeps growing as expected, I don’t know if we will move out of this space or have additional spaces. That’s kind of the projection right now.”

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