Frenzy Brewing Co. set for public launch

Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 By: Journal Record Staff Source: The Journal Record
way of providing the city I love more entertainment options.”

The pair plans to brew a mix of beer styles.

“Nothing will be off limits,” Conner said. “We have no plans to be a niche brewery. Bars and breweries that have an eclectic mix of styles are our favorites and we want to provide that to our customers. We plan to brew somewhere around six to eight year-round offerings, with four to six more one-offs and variants on tap at all times. Our taproom will offer American, English, Belgian and German styles.”

After the launch on Saturday, Frenzy beers will be available on tap at bars and restaurants by late March. Cans should be available in April and in time for Edmond’s monthly Heard on Hurd food truck festival.

Molly M. Fleming contributed to this report.

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