Spiers New Technologies to expand EV battery business

Published: Friday, October 11, 2019 By: Steve Metzer Source: The Journal Record
the end of their usefulness.

The company has invested significantly in equipment to record and store electronically for easy traceability all relevant data associated with individual battery packs and components as packs are disassembled.

McNabb said a smaller part of SNT’s business involves managing inventories and logistics of shipping out new battery packs as they’re required by EV or EV hybrid companies.

If a battery or battery component is needed by a Ford, GM or other dealer in Milwaukee, Toledo or anyplace else, SNT can usually ship specifically what is needed within a day. Eight trucks a day, on average, arrive and/or depart from the Oklahoma City facility. SNT also ships by air, if necessary, McNabb said.

She said Spiers New Technologies anticipates continued growth as EV and EV hybrid vehicles command greater shares of the world automotive market.

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