A medical breakthrough: Pill to restore hearing loss moves closer to market

Published: Monday, February 24, 2020 By: Janice Francis-Smith Source: The Journal Record
through the trees actually made sounds,” said Bishop. “I’d never heard this in my life and you just don’t know what you don’t know.”

Learning this new technology exists has ignited his imagination, said Bishop.

“I know there are sounds I’m still not hearing, so I can only imagine what I’m going to hear when this comes to fruition.”

Kopke thanked researchers, partners, investors and donors at a reception held at Vast in Oklahoma City on Thursday. The event also marked Kopke’s last day of clinical practice.

“That was a happy-sad thing, but I really feel like I get to spend more time trying to get this technology to the clinic,” he said.

OPI’s investors include i2E, an Oklahoma nonprofit created to provide investment capital for research and technology companies, as well as the Chickasaw Nation, OMRF, Integris Baptist Medical Center, the Oklahoma Life Science Fund, REHCO LLC and the Presbyterian Health Foundation.

Kopke thanked several businesses and individuals that donate to HEI, a nonprofit organization committed to restoring hearing worldwide through research, teaching, and humanitarian efforts. HEI Chief Philanthropy Officer Justin DeMoss said donations to HEI over the last 15 months have increased dramatically, from averaging about $500,000 per year to reaching nearly $1.9 million.

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