Baker Hughes donates Energy Innovation Center building to OSU

Published: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 By: Journal Record Staff Source: The Journal Record
development that creates more learning opportunities for students and community members. For example, Baker Hughes will continue to build on its efforts of bringing in local high schools and student groups from Oklahoma City Public Schools to connect them with technologists and demonstrate new technology they can pursue in their personal academic journey into higher education and then back into the private sector.

“Baker Hughes has a long history of forming strong relationships with universities,” said Taylor Shinn, vice president for Baker Hughes Digital Solutions. “This alliance further advances our capabilities as an energy technology company and provides a unique opportunity to tap into OSU’s diverse academic population as we work together to drive innovation globally. The center’s location in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District gives this relationship a strategic advantage, as we unite higher education, research, energy, aerospace and advanced manufacturing into one ecosystem. Baker Hughes will also continue to invest in Oklahoma City’s diverse talent, supporting technology and inclusion programs in local schools and connecting academia with industry.”

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