OKC company gets ‘smart’ on tractor-trailers

Published: Monday, October 5, 2020 By: Heide Brandes Source: The Journal Record

The AirBoxOne partners up with another Drōv product called a Vehicle Health Display, which allows vehicle mechanics and drivers to access the data and the status of the vehicle trailer.

“Maintenance will know if brakes or the tires have an issue. This is an added feature we’ve added to the product,” Mullen said. “That’s the end goal, that all of this is communicating together.”

Basically, she said, all the information on the truck trailer would be easily available in one place.

“We are concluding proof of concept, and we will be ready for 2021 builds,” Mullen said. “Honestly, a lot of the checks have been manual. Someone would manually go check the tire pressure. They would open the door to see if there was cargo left in the trailer. In the last four years, there are people coming into the trailer space with sensors, and the industry is inundated with systems trying to be smart. What Drōv has is the opportunity to be the aggregator of these companies and these sensors.”

Bob Davis, vice president of business development for Drōv, said the technology goes hand-in-hand with the future of trucking.

“It’s really a self-diagnosing trailer,” said Davis. “Everything that you should check, this will tell you what’s wrong and what needs maintenance.”

Admittedly, the truck trailer isn’t the sexy part of the trucking technology, Mullen said.

“The trailer, as many people will tell you in the industry, is sort of the forgotten asset. It’s not as costly as the truck and is probably the bottom of the food chain in terms of trucking and transportation,” Mullen said. “But that’s where we saw the opportunity because if the truck is smart and the trailer is not, then your connected vehicle isn’t smart at all.”

Already, Drōv’s product has been approved by four national and regional suppliers of trailers, offering customizable configurations for OEM off-the-line and aftermarket suppliers, fully integrated components, user-friendly software and other features.

“What’s really exciting is that this is just the beginning as we move towards autonomous trucking,” Mullen said. “It’s future-proof.”

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