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The Greater Oklahoma City Partnership encompasses a 10-county region, working together to market Greater Oklahoma City and to provide quality client services. The partners include cities, counties, utilities, chambers of commerce, state government and other entities that employ full-time economic development professionals.

By joining forces, the members of the Greater Oklahoma City Partnership can work together to ensure that companies are fully informed of what the region has to offer.

When companies are looking to move or expand, they look at an entire region rather than an individual city. The two main goals of the Partnership are customer service and marketing.

Customer Service
For a business considering a new location, their interest in a region is not limited by municipal or county boundaries – they are looking at workforce and the availability of resources. The Partnership allows the region to respond with information that addresses all of a company’s requests and makes a multitalented team of state and local economic development specialists available to work on a project.

Greater Oklahoma City Partnership Services

  • Professional site location assistance
  • Professional business retention and expansion (BRE) services
  • Professional bioscience, aerospace and entrepreneurial assistance
  • Comprehensive research modeling
  • Identification of available real estate
  • Hosting of site tours
  • Workforce analysis
  • Assistance with permitting and numerous other processes
  • Assistance with determining financial resources
  • Work with state and local partners for incentives and training benefits
  • Host / connect with key groups such as investors, developers and bankers
  • Manage Strategic Investment Program (SIP) and Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) application process for Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust (OCEDT)
  • And more

Since companies making a site search consider regions in their selection process, the Partnership uses marketing activities to promote regional advantages.

The Partnership’s regional marketing activities include: 

  • Identification of targeted industry clusters and site location consultants important to our region
  • Development of marketing strategies to those audiences
  • Development of printed marketing materials to support the effort of each local economic development group and the Partnership as a whole
  • The use of a regional Web site, www.GreaterOklahomaCity.com, to deliver intelligence to clients and link them to the Partnership.

The Partnership brings powerful potential to businesses in every corner of every county.


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