Business Relocation

It didn't take long for the word to spread - Oklahoma City offers unmatched levels of value for companies considering relocation or expansion. What makes this possible?

  • Cost of doing business consistently rated among the best in terms of relative cost of labor, energy, taxes, and office space.
  • With a location equidistant from both coasts and in the center of NAFTA corridor, you'll always have easy access to customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Renowned city and state incentive programs and a variety of zoning possibilities and sites means it's easier and more profitable to set up shop in OKC
  • An available, skilled, award-winning and trained workforce means you won't have to work hard to find the most important ingredient in your organization's recipe for success - your employees. With more than 650,000 workers and nearly 120,000 attending area colleges and universities, the region can fulfill the needs of any company.

What types of companies are a good fit to take advantage of Oklahoma City's exceptional combination of low costs of business / living and high quality of life? Firms in these diverse industries all call OKC home:

  •  Aerospace
  • Technology / Manufacturing
  • Shared Services / Backoffice
  • Air Accessibility
  • Biosciences / Biotechnology
  • Distribution / Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Health Care Services
  • Energy (petroleum, wind, solar)

Relocation Services

A Team of Your Own - The Greater Oklahoma City Partnership offers a multitalented team of state and local economic development specialists to be assigned to your project. These specialists will work together to meet your specifications - delivering rapid response times and optimizing your new Greater Oklahoma City location.

Information Services - We will provide that data you need in the 10-county aggregate, one county at a time, or any other way you specify. And we'll provide it in the form you prefer - via email, secured Web site, fax or overnight delivery. We'll not only provide you with data on our region, but also comparative data on 45 other cities. These valuable demographic and operating cost comparisons will provide valuable insight on Greater Oklahoma City's advantages. View the Regional Data online.

Web-Based Property Locator - This one-stop, web-based business portal gathers economic, planning, utility, geographic and demographic information into one dynamic resource. Available sites from throughout the region are entered and updated on an ongoing basis.

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