Foreign Trade Zone

FTZs (Foreign-Trade Zones) are designated areas which, for Customs purposes, are considered outside the U.S. Almost any imported merchandise can be brought into a Zone, for almost any kind of manufacturing or manipulation, duty-free. In Oklahoma City, FTZ#106 is conveniently located adjacent to the bustling Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. In addition, the Iron Horse Industrial Park located in Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers a vibrant FTZ opportunity.

If you conduct International business, locating in a Foreign- Trade Zone will help you save money and take advantage of efficiencies in customs procedures. In addition to our strategic location in the geographic center of the U.S., Oklahoma City offers an expansive transportation system and state of-the-art industrial parks ideal for businesses importing and warehousing, manufacturing, or assembling with imported goods.

  • Duty elimination on:
    • Previously imported material, which is re-exported.
    • Rejected, scrapped, waste or return-to-vendor imported material.
    • Sales of imported materials or finished products containing imported components to companies operating in other U.S. foreign-trade zones.
  • Duty reduction by:
    • Manufacturing in the U.S. and selling domestically.
    • Utilizing pick-and-pack operations where the "set" has a lower duty rate than the individual pieces.
  • Duty deferral until merchandise is shipped from the zone into customs territory.
  • Ability to hold most merchandise subject to quotas until the quota opens and/or ability to bring goods into the foreign trade zone and subsequently re-export them.
  • Increased flexibility with just-in-time delivery, quotas, and reduced customs delays.
  • Ability to hold merchandise in a foreign-trade zone indefinitely.

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