Strategic Investment Program (SIP)

Oklahoma City continues to make strides in building its first-class business environment. Together with a quality, available workforce and one of the lowest costs to do business in the country, the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) makes it even easier to choose Oklahoma City for expansion or new-to-market ventures.

Oklahoma City's groundbreaking Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is a discretionary incentive fund designed to help companies that are looking to expand or locate their operations in Oklahoma City. The SIP is similar to the state's well-known Quality Jobs Program in that it provides qualifying companies who meet certain annual wage and new payroll / employment thresholds with cash payments.

Strategic Investment Program Highlights:

  • Incentive analysis for projects based on wage and minimum job threshold
  • Companies must be located in Oklahoma City
  • Companies must hire a minimum of 50 full-time employees, produce an annual payroll of $1.75 million and meet specific average wage requirements.

Potential grant amounts will be based on available funds at the time a company applies for an award through this program. For more information, contact the Economic Development Team at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber for a confidential analysis.  

1-405-297-8954 (Local / International)

Download SIP brochure 


Jeff Seymour 
Executive Vice President
(405) 297-8991

Carlos Lopez
Executive Assistant
(405) 297-8937


Evan Fay
Manager, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(405) 290-7067

Brooke Hoehner
Business Development Manager
(405) 290-7061


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