Future of Work

Future of Work: How to Rethink Service Delivery as a Result of COVID-19

Operating at the front line, Shared Services have had a close-up view of the impact of COVID-19 on business operations and, indeed, have emerged as a reassuring constant in the face of general business chaos over the past seven months.

As everything from production to supply chain, and payments to receivables, experienced severe disruption, Shared Services have not just supported ongoing business operations, but also provided the resiliency needed to face the global crisis.

Indeed, many senior leaders on SSON’s Global Advisory Board confirm that productivity, where it did slip, did so only marginally; and that business-asusual was quickly re-established in the newly remote environment.

Nevertheless, there have been lessons learned as enterprises found themselves having to adjust quickly, and promising opportunities presented themselves. Download this report for preactical insights and guidance. 

Featuring Bryan Jester from CACI; Thayla Bohn and Bev Wood from American Fidelity; and Carl Martincich from Love’s Travel Stops – on how they are supporting their enterprise growth agendas in a future-forward world.

Download the report. 

SSON-OKC Future of Work White Paper FINAL

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