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  • Locating in Greater Oklahoma City means leveraging relationships with industry peers to strategize and network. FAA, AT&T, Dell EMC, Hertz, Cox, Costco, Farmers, Sprint, Southwest Airlines, AAA, CACI and TTEC are just an example of the national companies using Greater Oklahoma City’s world-class business climate for their regional headquarters or shared services operations to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Greater Oklahoma City is also home to the national headquarters of several companies that are on the cutting-edge of their fields. Hobby Lobby, OG&E, Devon, Paycom, Sonic, Midfirst Bank, Love’s, Bancfirst, Enable Midstream, American Fidelity, Continental Resources, Dolese Bros., and more are all headquartered in Greater Oklahoma City. 
  • Greater Oklahoma City has business costs that routinely rank 15% below the national average and between 25-50% below most major coastal markets. Save more on your bottom line and stretch your dollars even further.
  • With 770,000 workers and more than 135,000 attending area colleges and universities, you'll have the workforce and talent pipeline you need to fulfill your immediate and future talent needs in the Greater Oklahoma City region.

What's new in the sector:

  • Costco announced Oklahoma City as the home of a major back office operation, creating 1,503 new, non-retail sales-related jobs. Read More>>
  • Heartland Payment Systems announced their soon-to-be completed $40-million headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City will already be full. They will be hiring an additional 400 workers who will work in another nearby office building. Read More>>
  • Paycom, a human capital management company headquartered in Oklahoma City, was recently selected for inclusion in the S&P 500. Paycom ranked No. 6 on Fortune’s “100 Fastest-growing Companies” list. Read More>>
  • TTEC, a leading digital global customer experience technology and services company, opened its latest Humanify Customer Engagement Center in Oklahoma City. The center represents 500 new jobs for the community. Read More>>
  • Rural Sourcing (RSI), a provider of US-based IT outsourcing services, opened a new development center in downtown Oklahoma City. The company brought 150 jobs to the region and made their home in the refurbished Rock Island Plow Building, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Read More>>

How can we help you?

The Greater Oklahoma City Partnership is here to assist companies who are expanding their operations and considering the region for new investment. Our business development and research teams can help you with data collection, site selection, incentive requirements and other areas of need for your evaluation process. For questions or assistance, please contact:

Kim Wilmes
Vice President, Economic Development Programs

A Proven Market for Success

Greater Oklahoma City has proven for decades that its world-class business climate, reliable workforce and diverse real estate options gives companies located here an edge against their competition. Whether it is an expansion to introduce or enhance lines of business, or being identified as the pilot site for innovative technology, this region has a proven track record supporting the success of shared services operations.

"Oklahoma City is the easiest place in North America to do Business."
-ASU Center for the Study of Economic Liberty

Locating in Greater Oklahoma City means working shoulder to shoulder with peers who are at the forefront of their industry. Here is just a small list of companies who are either headquartered or have a regional headquarter/shared services operations in Oklahoma City:

FAA, AT&T, Dell EMC, Hertz, Cox, Costco, Farmers, Sprint, Southwest Airlines, AAA, CACI, TTEC, Hobby Lobby, OG&E, Devon, Paycom, Sonic, Midfirst Bank, Love’s, Bancfirst, Enable Midstream, American Fidelity, Continental Resources and Dolese Bros.

Some of these companies have been in Greater Oklahoma City for more than 100 years and others are brand-new to our market but all have chosen Greater Oklahoma City to grow their business and raise their bottom line. To see more companies located in Greater Oklahoma City visit here.

Real Cost Savings

Simply put, locating in Greater Oklahoma City means a big boost to your bottom line. Greater Oklahoma City routinely has some of the lowest business costs in the country for a major metro.

Oklahoma consistently ranks in the lower 20% of all states in business taxes and scores especially high when it comes to corporate tax rates and unemployment insurance.

On the city level, Greater Oklahoma City presents valuable savings with your office rent, energy costs, local taxes and wage rates - particularly in critical shared service roles.

"OKC has the lowest electricity costs in the country."
-S&P Global Market

Greater Oklahoma City also offers diverse real estate options from modern downtown office towers to historic, restored buildings in walkable neighborhoods to spacious developments in the suburbs, you will find your right fit in Greater Oklahoma City. See available real estate in Greater Oklahoma City.

Recruit and Retain Your Talent

With 770,000 workers and more than 135,000 attending area colleges and universities, the region is producing a steady pipeline of talent. The Oklahoma City MSA currently has a population of more than 1.4 million and is quickly growing. The average annual population growth rate from 2005 to 2019 of about 1.5% was double that of the nation.

While our workers are ready for the challenges of today, our significant education and training infrastructure ensure your Greater Oklahoma City workforce will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. The area boasts one of the country’s most sophisticated and best-ranked career technologies training programs, delivering free, high-quality, customized training to qualifying new and expanding companies. The Greater Oklahoma City region is also home to 15 colleges and universities and nine technology centers deliver high-quality, customized training to both new and expanding companies.

Among the nation's 52 largest cities, the U.S. Census Bureau recently clocked Oklahoma City's commutes the third-lowest in the country. Low commute times gives you easy access to more than 1.5 million people who live in our larger 10-county region. In Greater Oklahoma City, you can live and work virtually anywhere.

Greater Oklahoma City’s low cost of living, most recently coming in at 15% below the national average, makes our region ideal for workforce recruitment. Your employees paychecks will simply go further here. However, don’t mistake low cost for low quality. With a population of more than 1.5 million (and growing), Greater Oklahoma City offers the great amenities and quality-of-life options of other major metros without the high-cost and stress. Oklahoma City is one of the few major metros where you can still afford to live well. Learn more about living in Oklahoma City.


The Greater Oklahoma City metro offers a qualified, available workforce, straight-forward business incentives and world-class job training. Learn more about the variety of local, state and federal incentives that may be available here.

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