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Smart organizations know value - value in location, environment, and workforce - drives success and profitability. And that value-producing combination is what Oklahoma City delivers better than any other metro.

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Strategic Location
Oklahoma City offers you big advantages, with a strategic location, market access and the workforce you are looking for.

  • At the junction of three of the nation's major interstates I-35, I-40 and I-44
  • Reach 178 million customers by truck the same day or overnight
  • More than 30 million people are within 400 miles, and 121 million are within 800 miles
  • Equidistant from both coasts and at the center of the I-35 NAFTA corridor
  • The nation's most inland all-weather seaport is only 90 miles to the east
  • Will Rogers World Airport exported almost 28 million pounds of freight in 2015, and imported almost 35 million, with ample expansion capacity
  • In terms of passenger traffic, Will Rogers World Airport also boasted 1.86 million enplanements and the same number of deplanements last year. WRWA has nonstop flights to 29 destinations and about 85 daily departures. Get more info at

Greater Oklahoma City's best asset is undoubtedly its workforce. With more than 680,000 workers and more than 140,000 attending area colleges and universities, the region can fulfill the needs of your company.

The workforce is not just available; it is productive. Workers in the region are also free to work in any company without paying union dues or fees, since Oklahoma voters passed Right-to-Work in 2001. And it is easy for workers to commute throughout the region, with an average commute of only 21 minutes, the lowest of any large metro in the US.

With a competitive labor market and the high esteem management has for its workers, the region's rate of unionism is low, at about half of the national average. While our workers are ready for the challenges of today, our significant education and training infrastructure ensures your Greater Oklahoma City workforce will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. In fact the area boasts one of the country's most sophisticated and best-ranked training programs, delivering free, high-quality, customized training to qualifying new and expanding companies.

The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma's two comprehensive public research universities, lead the list of 15 colleges and universities in the region and nine CareerTech technology centers delivering high-quality, customized training to both new and expanding companies.

If you are interested in comparing the cost of living between Greater Oklahoma City and other metros be sure to check out our cost cost of living calculator.

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