Q&A with John Wood

Devon works with city to build a better downtown

Published: Thursday, June 11, 2009 7:00 am By: Dusty Somers

The Oklahoman

Q&A with John Wood

Q: The city hired consultant and author Jeff Speck to do a walkability study downtown. How are the results of that study being incorporated into planning on the new Devon Energy world headquarters?

A: We're working with the same architect who will be doing the streetscape design, and through that collaboration, we understand Jeff Speck will be brought onto that team. And we fully plan to incorporate their ideas into the streetscape project.

Q: What are the challenges of incorporating public space into a corporate headquarters?

A: One of the challenges in today's world is that there are legitimate security concerns. The more open you make a facility to the public, you have to be contious to doing that appropriately to address security concerns as well.

Q: How does a development of this size bode for future development of the surrounding neighborhood?

A: It's very positive. I just met with the head of a local engineering firm who said this investment has resulted in additional work for him because he's looking at working on the new streetscapes. Multiply that and you can look at how this might prompt a company in the suburbs to come downtown and hook into the urban scene and connect with a younger work force. This can be the start of something very positive.

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