Legacy for Life likes life here in Oklahoma

Published: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 7:00 am By: Debbie Blossom

The Oklahoman

The state's cost of doing business, its economy and its appealing spot in the middle of the country enticed a Florida company to relocate to Oklahoma City.

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And Legacy for Life has plans to grow the supplement company nationally and internationally, its president said. "We moved here because of the positive business climate, talented work force and central location," said Francis Marino. "We think it is the perfect place for Legacy for Life to grow and prosper."

The company's new corporate office at 6520 N Western Ave. houses 20 employees, including a core of customer relations workers.

Legacy for Life, which was based in Melbourne, Fla., for about 10 years, has offices in San Diego, Hong Kong and Taiwan and a distribution center in Memphis.

"It's not a global business yet, but we're headed that way," Marino said.

The company's primary product is its patented and clinically tested i26 Hyperimmune Egg, a supplement available in powder and tablet form that supports immune and joint function, he said. The product is derived from both the white and the yolk of eggs of hens stimulated with more than 26 inactivated pathogens.

The product was developed by two of the United States' largest Fortune 500 companies before being acquired by scientists at Legacy for Life, Marino said.

Legacy's chief science officer, Hellen Greenblatt, said she has taken the supplement for more than a decade.

Marino said Oklahoma City will be instrumental in growing the company's distribution base.

"We are trying to expand the product in the middle of the country," he said. "We distribute the product throughout the United States and a central location is an advantage."

He also hopes to create a bigger customer service department. The product is sold online and through distributors.

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