Oklahoma City manufacturing firm seeks to grab dominant share of world's coffee roaster market

US Roaster Corp., just west of downtown OKC, is one of just two U.S. companies that manufactures coffee roasters and makes all the parts in-house.

Published: Friday, September 27, 2013 By: Brianna Bailey Source: The Oklahoman

US Roaster Corp. owner Dan Joliff has just one small goal — to one day become the leading manufacturer of coffee roasters in the world.

The Oklahoma City-based coffee roaster manufacturer is one of just two companies in the United States that manufactures coffee roasters and fabricates all of the parts for the machines in-house.

“I'm determined to make it happen one day — for team USA,” Joliff said. “There are European companies that make roasters, but we make them just as well or better and for cheaper, and people are going to figure that out some day.”

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