Bio Matters: Scientist's career path goes from farm to pharmaceuticals

Jim Stafford: Watonga native Russell Rother is leading Oklahoma City firm's clinical study of a promising drug to treat sickle cell disease.

Published: Friday, January 17, 2014 By: Jim Stafford Source: The Oklahoman

Russell Rother was a farm boy growing up in Watonga and worked on the family's dairy operation. You can still hear western Oklahoma in his voice.

After high school, Rother began a journey into scientific research that eventually led to an FDA-approved drug, a multibillion dollar public company and his current position as chief operating officer of Oklahoma City-based Selexys Pharmaceuticals.

It may seem like a stretch to equate the rural farm life with scientific research, but Rother says his career as a scientist is firmly rooted on that Watonga farm.

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