University of Oklahoma physician Robert Welliver works to develop vaccine for RSV infections

Physician Robert Welliver is part of a University of Oklahoma team working to develop a vaccine for RSV respiratory syncytial virus the bane of infants and their parents worldwide.

Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 By: Jim Stafford Source: The Oklahoman

My voice was raspy as I stepped into the 11th-floor office of Robert Welliver, M.D., at the University of Oklahoma Children’s Physicians tower on the Oklahoma Health Center campus. My nose was runny. I coughed as I sat down.

If I were seeking medical attention for my condition — diagnosed almost two weeks earlier as bronchitis — this would have been exactly the right place. Well, the right place if I were a few decades younger.

Welliver is chief, section of Infectious Diseases, department of Pediatrics at the OU College of Medicine and is on the staff OU Children’s Physicians.

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