Home for Boeing personnel is where the planes are

Published: Sunday, April 24, 2016 By: Paula Burkes Source: NewsOK

A new resident of Choctaw, Sheryl Zayic doesn‘t mind the roar of planes going to and from Tinker Air Force Base. In fact, to her, there's nothing more beautiful than sitting in her backyard and — against a “drop-dead gorgeous Oklahoma sunset” — watching an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) plane fly over.

A former materials engineer and now executive for Boeing Co., Zayic has supported the aircraft for the past 24 years, but rarely saw them in flight until Boeing recently moved its Aircraft Modernization and Sustainment Division headquarters here. She and her daughter, a 26-year-old Boeing engineer, and her daughter's Australian shepherd transferred from Seattle in January.

“I like the smaller community,” said Zayic, who's 60 and director of Sustainment, Airborne Surveillance Command & Control. “I'm only disappointed that it didn't happen years ago when my family was young,” she said.

Her husband, who also works for Boeing; two other adult children and five grandchildren still live in Seattle, where Zayic travels monthly on business — including last weekend on her way to Tokyo to help the Japanese with modernization to their existing AWACS fleet.

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