Trickle-down theory

Published: Thursday, September 22, 2016 By: Jim Stafford Source: NewsOK

Let's say that you are slowly going blind, the victim of a progressive eye disease known as diabetic retinopathy. There is treatment that can prevent blindness, and your choice is between an injection directly into the eye or an eyedrop twice a day, which costs a fraction of the injection.

I know which I would choose. However, it's not that simple. There is currently no FDA-approved therapeutic for treating diabetic retinopathy in eyedrop form. The choice today is between an injection or an oral medicine that requires high dosages just to ensure an effective amount reaches the eye.

Those limited treatment options soon could expand thanks to an eyedrop-based therapeutic being advanced by Oklahoma City-based Charlesson LLC. Charlesson's formulation builds upon groundbreaking research of its founder and president, Jian-Xing Ma, Ph.D.

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