StarSpace46 Inc. to launch tech startups in Oklahoma City

Published: Saturday, October 29, 2016 By: Richard Mize Source: NewsOK

Tommy Yi, self-confessed nerd, can be forgiven the subtle "Star Trek" reference when explaining why 1741 W Sheridan, a full mile west of the nearest downtown skyscraper, is a great place for tech startups to take off.

Entrepreneurs and companies are interested in moving "out here," he said of the 37-year-old storage warehouse, freshly converted to office space, home of StarSpace46 Inc. The grand opening was Friday.

"They see it as kind of the final frontier in terms of the inner city, in terms of real estate, right? Because Deep Deuce has already happened, Plaza (District) is happening, so this is kind of the last remaining undeveloped area of the inner city that's close to the urban core," he said.

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