At Oklahoma City’s Phase 2, Big Data translates into big opportunity

Published: Friday, March 24, 2017 By: Jim Stafford Source: NewsOK

There is more than oil and gas or oceans of saltwater that energy exploration companies bring to the surface when they drill deep into the earth.

They are also drilling for terabytes of data that reveal how well their drilling rigs are performing, the types of rock encountered below the surface, the flow of salt water to the surface and much more.

There's a name for all that information, says Mark Towler, founder and CEO of Oklahoma City's Phase 2: Big data.

And big data represents a huge business opportunity for Phase 2. The custom software application developer incubated, then spun out a separate company in 2014 called Drakewell to help directional drilling companies mine the flood of data that is flowing upward from their wells.

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