At BIO Show, Oklahomans share their stories with life sciences world

Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 5:00 am By: Jim Stafford Source: NewsOK

SAN DIEGO — Every one of the almost 20,000 people who came to the world's largest biotechnology industry trade show here this week has a story to tell.

When the 2017 BIO exhibition hall opened on Tuesday, more than 40 Oklahomans discussed the possibilities of drug development in the Sooner state with visitors to the OKBIO booth.

Some told their stories in one-on-one meetings scheduled throughout the day. Others chatted up visitors about Oklahoma's life sciences industry to the OKBio pavilion on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center.

And then there was Cortes Williams, a postdoctoral Fellow with the Office of Technology Development (OTD) at the University of Oklahoma.

One of three OTD Fellows at the show, Williams had the opportunity to tell a larger audience about the company he founded called NextGen Medical. Williams made the pitch in new presentation space in the Oklahoma pavilion.

Williams engaged the audience for about 25 minutes, making his “investor pitch” and then answering a few questions. NextGen Medical has developed an innovative way to help medical professionals assess the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

“We can take cells from a patient, put them on our material and actually grow them in the lab,” Williams said. “Then you can do the drug testing in the lab and gain some insight into what therapies may or may not work for the patient.”


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