Oklahoma faces in the BIO crowd

Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 5:00 am By: NewsOK Staff Source: NewsOK

Oklahomans answer the question: Why are you in San Diego at the BIO show?

Max Doleh, founder and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Productive Technologies

"We are here to spread the word about our new breakthrough software, PERFEQTA, which allows organizations across the Biotech industry and others to automate and manage their business process across all of their departments. We have a very full schedule this time across the whole spectrum of organizations and worldwide."

Edouard Jarbath, chief commercial office, with Oklahoma City-based COARE Biotechnology

"The reason I came to San Diego is to meet with companies and institutions that have expressed an interest in what COARE Biotechnology is doing. There is a sense that COARE is embarking on a very innovative and groundbreaking approach to fighting cancer at the core, and that is attacking stem cells that are responsible for the beginning and continuation of cancer."

Sean Akadiri, founder and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Agric-Bioformatics

"We just finished our MVP (minimum viable product), so first of all, we are looking to showcase the platform, AgBoost, and also we have set up meetings with about 20 different companies. We are looking to discuss how we can strategically work with them and how they can help commercialize the product."

Mike Moradi, co-founder and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Sensulin

“We're here in San Diego to re-connect with old colleagues, to raise money and hopefully to find partners for our insulin drug. This is a very efficient way to do it. This year, I'm living my life 30 minutes at a time. I think we have about 50 meetings in four days. It's very productive compared to the alternative of visiting 50 companies in 50 different cities.”

Darren Head, president and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Cytovance Biologics

“This our biggest show of the year. We have been attending this now for 10 years. We are starting to reach out globally and have clients coming through here from all over the world, including Asia and Europe. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase Cytovance, including the new building that just came on line, as well as our new fermenter.”

Cyrus Zegrati, co-founder and CEO of Oklahoma City-based Polyskope Labs

“I want to meet with potential partner companies, and since we are about to launch we need a Series B (investment round) and hope to meet some of the bigger capital groups. I've got meetings with them, and hopefully, that will turn into something. I'm also going to present here in the OKBIO space an overview of our company, our technology and our approach. We're basically translating multiplex diagnostics from the clinical space into food safety.”

Dr. Craig Shimasaki, author of two books on

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