Creative collaboration finds a home in Cage

Published: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 By: Brian Brus Source: The Journal Record

Sandip Patel’s work-team collaboration software has made the jump from startup novelty seven years ago to industry mainstay with a massive upgrade, he said.

When Cage first entered the market, it was a spinoff product under Patel’s Bit Confused, a local three-person company that started with an online reputation management tool. Patel played the risk and ran a public test for Cage at Austin’s massive South by Southwest annual technology and entertainment festival.

Response was so good that Cage took over the company’s branding and primary web presence at

Now Cage is ready for a relaunch of sorts, Patel said. Early word of the upgrade has already been leaked via a word-of-mouth campaign and the accounts are rolling in, he said.

“It’s an entirely new product altogether,” he said. “We’ve worked hand-in-hand with our clients to reframe and re-envision it. … The old product had been solving one small problem. The new product aims to solve many more related problems related to starting a project and completing a project.”

Corporate projects rarely start with a formal proposal, he said. They’re more often born as short memos recapping a conversation or client contact information. That’s where Cage begins now, as multiparty, topic-based discussions, typically in email and Excel files. The online platform streamlines communication among team members, project management, collaborative media review, asset management and approval routing.

“The new Cage takes a hodgepodge of tools people use in a tool belt and allows you do it all in one platform now,” he said.

Patel has interviewed more than 400 clients to refine the product, including Best Buy, Crayola, Intel, Jim Henson Co. and Lego.

Cage’s staff has remained steady at three people. The company is funded well enough now – thanks to the earlier version – that it doesn’t need investors to carry Cage to the next level, he said.

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