Supply Chain Management Wing at Tinker Air Force Base responsible for parts that keep planes flying

Published: Sunday, October 22, 2017 5:00 am By: Kathryn McNutt Source: NewsOK

When people think of Tinker Air Force Base, they picture huge aircraft undergoing maintenance and lifting off the runway in a roar.

"You don't think of the Supply Chain Management Wing," said Col. Hilary Feaster, vice director of the wing. But maintenance and flight wouldn't happen without that organization.

"I consider us the unsung heroes, of not just Tinker Air Force Base, but really of the Air Force logistics organization as a whole," Feaster said.

It's the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing that ensures every base across the Air Force has "the right parts on the shelf to support their everyday flying operations."

"Somebody's got to forecast what's required for them to make repairs," Feaster said.

Making sure the required parts — for aircraft, engines, intercontinental ballistic missiles and more — are available when and where they are needed takes hundreds of civilian and military men and women working in three time zones.

"Although we've got the presence at Tinker, we're a virtual organization," Feaster said. In addition to the wing headquarters and two groups at Tinker, there is a group at Hill Air Force Base in Utah and a group at Robin's Air Force Base in Georgia.

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