OG&E dedicates new power generator

Published: Monday, November 13, 2017 By: Adam Wilmoth Source: NewsOK

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. officials on Friday dedicated the company's newest power generator and renamed the site the Mustang Energy Center.

CEO Sean Trauschke started up the $390 million, 462-megawatt generator with the click of a mouse, and the site reached peak power in less than 10 minutes. The utility's other power generators take 10 to 20 hours to reach peak operation.

"We're taking gas from the ground and putting it in the grid inside 10 minutes," Trauschke said Friday. "When we went out and looked at what we needed for generation capacity, we quickly identified the intermittentcy of renewable resources and higher technology and industrial processes. Voltage is very important to our customers. Being able to ramp up and down allows us to service our customers a lot better."

OG&E has invested heavily in wind and more recently in solar power generation. While those units provide low-cost, renewable energy, they create challenges in that weather changes can rapidly increase or decrease power generation.

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