Millennial entrepreneur strives to provide affordable financial advice to all

Published: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 By: Paula Burkes Source: NewsOK

How to go about repairing your credit, reducing your student loan debt or obtaining the best mortgage loan now is available to you through a locally produced app.

The answers are among the widespread financial advice available to consumers nationwide through a new app called Coinmast launched by an Oklahoma City-based millennial entrepreneur.

“My dream is that everyone has access to personal, affordable financial help when they need it,“ George Haller, Coinmast's 21-year-old founder and CEO, said.

At $11 a call, the tech startup offers such help from certified financial counselors, certified financial planners and certified public accountants whom Haller contracts nationwide. Experts, he said, offer advice on almost anything, excluding on individual securities, insurance and taxes.

A Swiss American, Haller relocated five months ago from Portland to a studio apartment at 10th and Broadway because of Oklahoma City's low cost of living and its proximity to the most consumer-friendly lending and credit organizations affiliated with the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau.

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