I2E evolves from advisory firm to growth engine for Oklahoma companies

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 By: Scott Meacham Source: NewsOK

It's always interesting to me how archetypal change in a state comes about. I'm talking of change that is so far-reaching and ultimately disruptive that it bores deep into a state's DNA and puts that state on a different path.

The evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oklahoma is a homegrown example of archetypal change. Momentum began 30 years ago, when our state Legislature created Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) to diversify our state's economy, and it continues to this day.

Change cycles that span decades depend on inflection points, actions and decisions that definitively alter the speed and direction of what is to come. The creation of i2E (originally called the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center) 20 years ago is one of those inflection points.

i2E began as an advisory company with a little bit of cash to help entrepreneurs advance their ideas. The vision was that we would supply basic training to entrepreneurs and innovators about how to set up a commercialization plan. Then we would connect these founders to a broader set of outside resources to help take the company to the next level and make that business plan a reality.

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