OKC-created Cage eliminates ‘pain points’ for project collaborators

Published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 By: Jim Stafford Source: NewsOK

My friend Jay, a videographer for a local advertising firm, works collaboratively with colleagues and clients on advertisements and promotional videos.

I call him a member of the creative class. But he's a creative who encounters workflow challenges daily.

The problem arises when Jay is expected to share his work-in-progress with collaborators so they can view it, make edits and ultimately sign off on the project.

How does he share a huge video file in a way that colleagues can easily mark it up and send it back to him? How do they communicate their edits with him?

It's a common thread among creative types like Jay who need to share calendars, text, photos and whole projects such as videos or websites with multiple collaborators or clients.

Oklahoma City-based Cage was created for just such a challenge, says founder and CEO Sandip Patel.

Cage — cageapp.com — is a sophisticated, web-based collaboration and project management software for teams who may be working down the hall or 1,000 miles from one another.

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