Meridian Technology Center pre-engineering program preparing students for college coursework

Published: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 By: Kathryn McNutt Source: NewsOK

Courtney Andrews completed her freshman year in college while in high school and prepared for her challenging field of study through the advanced engineering program at Meridian Technology Center.

Last fall, Andrews entered Oklahoma State University as a first-year sophomore and found herself tutoring other students who had breezed through high school without having to struggle to make A's.

"And then they get to college, and for the first time they need to study, but they haven't developed those skills in order to do that," said Andrews, of Stillwater. "Meridian, with the more difficult coursework, helped me develop those skills, so when it came to a class like calculus II ... I was able to think through it and work through things instead of breaking down and panicking."

That's the goal of the STEM Academy at Meridian, which teaches students science, technology, engineering and mathematics principles at the college level.

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