Business of Health: Moving forward with OKCís Innovation District

Published: Sunday, July 1, 2018 By: Stephen Prescott, M.D. Source: NewsOK

Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor will Oklahoma City's Innovation District be. But the past month has seen some exciting progress as our community works to create a hub for entrepreneurship.

First, a quick refresher: The Innovation District is loosely defined as the area that contains the Oklahoma Health Center and Automobile Alley. The goal is to establish a more unified identity for this part of the city, with a focus on making it home to a critical mass of startup businesses.

This effort is being led by the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation, with support from the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, Presbyterian Health Foundation, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma City Redevelopment Authority.

The big, public development was the naming of Katy Evans Boren as the president and CEO of the Innovation District. An Oklahoma City attorney, she will take the reins on July 9.

Read the full article in The Oklahoman.

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