Oklahoma City ranks among top 10 cities for outdoor space

Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 By: Chamber Staff Source: VeloCity

The word “city” doesn’t always have to evoke images of steel, high rise towers and flashing lights; In OKC’s case, greenery, foliage and flowers go hand-in-hand with our image of a city. After all, with gorgeous green spots woven between our downtown area like the newly renovated Kerr Park and the Myriad Botanical Gardens, it’s hard not to. Perhaps then it should come as no surprise that Oklahoma City was recently ranked among the top 10 cities for outdoor space recently.

By weighing the number of public park acres per 1000 residents, amount of walkable park access, the amount of spending done on parks, the median home prices, the average monthly rent, air quality, and average temperature of 100 cities across the U.S., Oklahoma City was found to be the ninth-best city for outdoor space. Cities were scored based on how they weighed in on the aforementioned categories and Oklahoma City received an overall score of 58.8 (to help put that into perspective, Madison, WI was ranked 25 with an overall score of 53.8 and Buffalo, NY was ranked 1 with an overall score of 72.6).

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