OKC is one of the top 15 cities where high quality, low cost living is very achievable

Published: Thursday, January 3, 2019 By: Chamber Staff

Depending on where you live, balancing a high quality of life and low costs of living can be a pretty difficult task—but difficult doesn’t mean impossible! A recent study by BadCredit.org found 15 cities where one could realistically achieve a high quality of life without having to suffer through the aforementioned high costs of living. The best news of all is that Oklahoma City is among these 15!

By weighing factors such as each city’s quality of life, job availability and average salaries, this study concluded that one could reasonably achieve a high-quality, low-cost life in OKC. Especially aiding toward OKC’s spot on this list was low costs of living (15% below the national average), plentiful employment with commutes that average around 20 minutes and a high home-ownership rate (59%). A review of OKC in the study reads, “I’ve lived all over the world: Cuba, Israel, Japan, Germany, and several other states. Oklahoma City is the easiest, most affordable and comfortable place I’ve ever lived.”

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