A dip in the Shark Tank

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2019 By: David Dishman Source: NewsOK

Tim Todd and Levi Wilson recently pitched television's Shark Tank investors on the idea of buying into their bed-sized tornado shelters.

No, this meeting won't produce any Sharknados, but it could lead to expanded opportunities and increased sales for the two Oklahoma businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Wilson and Todd co-own Life Lift Systems, a company that builds a product called the Vortex Vault, which is a storm shelter designed in the shape of a bed and can be expanded in the event of a tornado or home invasion. It's an idea conceived in the mind of Levi Wilson, who wanted a home shelter but didn't like the traditional options — so he came up with an idea of putting one under a bed.

“I didn't want to go in the garage because it's hot, and I didn't have room above ground in the garage because of my junk and I didn't want to go outside,” Wilson said. “A few months later in the middle of the night I thought, ‘I think I can make this work.'”

Read the full article in The Oklahoman.

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