Remembering Bricktown visionary at district's 40th anniversary

Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 By: Steve Lackmeyer Source: NewsOK

The 20th anniversary of the Bricktown Canal on Saturday was a worthy moment to celebrate, and thousands came out for the festivities and to see improvements completed along the waterway, including new colorful lighting at the Walnut Avenue bridge.

Let the celebration be extended to the founder of Bricktown, Neal Horton, who took the risks that got it all started in 1979.

Horton, the son of banker Myron Horton, pretty much grew up downtown, and as a banker himself, he saw the early efforts at “old town” style development in San Francisco and Denver. He caught the development bug, got his start preserving the Oil & Gas Building and the Colcord Building (now hotel) and then from his offices at the Colcord he began eyeing the old warehouse district east of the tracks.

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