OU Medical Center making history with new patient bed tower

Published: Thursday, September 12, 2019 By: Molly Fleming Source: VeloCity

Travelers heading south on Interstate 235 are likely starting to notice another building in their eye sight as they look over at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

One of the largest hospital expansion projects in the nation and the largest hospital expansion project in Oklahoma history, the OU Medicine patient bed tower, is coming into the skyline. Construction started in November 2017 and the $364 million, 456,000-square-foot tower is slated to be finished in 2020.

The large building will have a positive impact on the economy. Besides the construction jobs helping to make the dream a reality, OU Medicine President and CEO Chuck Spicer said OU Medicine has added 600 employees in the last couple years. After 2020 starts, another 100 full-time staff members will make it on the payroll. Spicer said they’re not all doctors, but they do make above the area’s average salary. He said these new jobs in the city will have a positive economic impact on the community with people buying homes, spending money at local stores, or taking advantage of the many entertainment options such as live music or professional sports.

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