OKC-based Simergent develops alternative dialysis treatment

Published: Sunday, September 29, 2019 By: Scott Meacham Source: NewsOK

Kidney dialysis is a life-saver for patients with end-stage renal disease.

When the kidneys can no longer clean waste products out of the body, dialysis can add years to a person’s life expectancy and, for kidney transplant candidates, can help buy time until a kidney transplant becomes available.

However, most dialysis in the U.S. is hemodialysis, which involves removing and cleansing the blood outside the body, and usually must be performed in dialysis centers. Hemodialysis typically requires three visits a week that last about four hours each. With the time and logistics demands, as well as the medical requirements, patients in hemodialysis find it costly and very difficult, if not impossible to live normal lives.

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