2019 Metro 50 profile: The Right Strategy Group

Published: Friday, October 18, 2019 By: Jennifer Sharpe Source: The Journal Record

Jackson Lisle and Ryan Tupps met in Washington, D.C., while working as interns in U.S. Rep. Tom Cole’s office.

After returning to Oklahoma and working in the political consulting industry, the two decided to join forces to start The Right Strategy Group in late 2014. The company offers clients expertise in political consulting, legislative advocacy and marketing/public relations.

“We really saw a void in the market where no one was doing digital media, digital marketing or using a lot of data, at least not in Oklahoma campaigns,” Lisle said. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to start a business and market ourselves as a political consulting firm that is using the technology of the day, and not just sticking with traditional forms of media.”

The Right Strategy Group worked its first election year in 2016, and significantly increased business in 2018 with that year’s elections. The owners said a prominent success for the firm was winning the “no” vote in the 2018 election on Oklahoma State Question 793, the Right of Optometrists and Opticians to Practice in Retail Establishments Initiative.

“On the political side of our business, we are recruiting candidates to run for office, and for the ones that we are working with, we are coaching them day-to-day on what they need to be doing, and the voters they need to be talking to. We are managing their advertising campaigns, looking at the analytics and optimizing their media campaigns,” Lisle said. “For our organizational clients, we run polling numbers for them, doing market analysis, and we will also help them out with their ad base. We work hand-in-hand with different lobbying firms to get different political outcomes achieved.”

The Right Strategy Group attributes its success to the focused approach they take creating a customized plan for each client.

“Our clients are grateful that the service we offer is now in the market, and we work hard for our clients,” Lisle said. “Our industry is driven by word of mouth, and we know that, so we work diligently to try to make sure that every client is happy with the service that they get from us.”

The Right Strategy Group has three full-time employees and is looking to hire an additional employee in graphics design. Long-term growth speculation includes the possibility of reaching beyond Oklahoma.

“We are well-suited to potentially bring satellite offices to other states,” Lisle said. Additionally, the firm is considering adding new services, and expanding on the work they are already doing with public relations and legislative advocacy, as other future growth areas.

“We are a fun work environment where you don’t ever do the same thing day after day,” Lisle said. “The work that we are doing is actually making an impact in the long term by changing politics in Oklahoma, and hopefully around the country.”

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