Student-created game-system company auditioning for Shark Tank

Published: Tuesday, December 17, 2019 By: Molly Fleming Source: VeloCity

Trifecta Communications CEO Brent Wheelbarger first met the students at Loveworks Leadership during the organization’s summer camp. The youth didn’t know about augmented reality upon their first meeting.

Wheelbarger and the Trifecta team returned for another summer camp the following year and the students were now more familiar.

“Ultimately, we had this idea of ‘what if we could create a Silicon Valley tech start-up for the kids?’” he said.

Norman-based Loveworks already had some experience in helping its students launch a business. The nonprofit organization works with young people age 11 to 14 to empower their creativity, resourcefulness and potential. The students visit Loveworks daily afterschool to work on their projects and meet with community mentors, along with other programs.

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