Bakery Bling moving headquarters to OKC

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2019 By: Janice Francis-Smith Source: The Journal Record

The Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust has agreed to provide up to $400,000 in incentives to the company in exchange for the jobs created.

“We looked all over the place – Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho,” Bakery Bling CEO Lauren Brooks said at Tuesday’s Economic Development Trust meeting. “I would say the building and also the incentives played a huge role into us choosing Oklahoma. The incentive offerings were a major part of our decision.”

Bakery Bling manufactures a line of bakery products featuring its trademark Glittery Sugar and Edible Bling. Bakery Bling is a dba of Little Waisted LLC, which had perfected an edible glitter product used as a cocktail rim. Bakery Bling creates sparkling embellishments for baked goods and a line of baked goods featuring their edible glitter.

“When we first started the company, I was amazed at how many edible glitters are truly plastic, and so one thing about our company is everything we do is edible,” said Brooks. “We manufacture all of our own products, so we make all of our own cookies, gingerbread houses, sugars, edible glitters, icings.”

Bakery Bling will be moving into a building at NW 23rd Street and MacArthur Boulevard that was used as a Walmart Neighborhood Market but has sat vacant since 2014. Little Waisted purchased the building for $2.6 million and estimates buildout will cost about $250,000. Another $1.5 million will be invested in machinery, with the oven alone costing more than $1 million.

“We need a much bigger facility than we have right now,” said Brooks. “We’re in about 10,000 square feet but we’re going into 82,000 square feet, so we are growing very rapidly.”

Bakery Bling’s products are available nationwide, with clients including Target, Walmart, Disney, Michaels, HomeGoods, Albertsons and Belk. Disneyland uses the glitter sugar on churros sold at the park made to evoke bars of gold, shiny cars and even lightsabers.

“Our line of cookie kits was launched last year nationwide in Kroger,” said Brooks. “It’s opened a whole new market for us. We’re bringing a lot of innovation to the industry… We do a lot with 3D innovation. We just got put on Target’s Innovation Council with 10 other companies across the country.”

All manufacturing will be moved from the current facility in San Clemente, California, to the Oklahoma City facility. Bakery Bling has already hired its first Oklahoma City employee, a creative director, and recruitment efforts are underway to see that 25 employees will be available to work just as soon as the facility is ready to begin operations.

Jobs offered include executive positions, production staff, engineers “and everything in between,” said

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