Soaring to ever higher heights in OKC

Published: Friday, February 7, 2020 By: Marcus Elwell Source: VeloCity

Since the early days of flight, aviation has been embedded in Oklahoma City’s DNA. Now you can learn all about Oklahoma City’s aviation story: from its pioneers to the biggest names in the business who have turned aviation into one of the region’s most dynamic economic drivers.

“Soaring to Ever Higher Heights” walks readers through Oklahoma City’s aviation story told from the eyes of the pillars of aviation in Oklahoma City: Tinker Air Force Base, the FAA, the airports and private industry. Readers get a glimpse of what makes aviation thrive here, the synergy that makes it successful and how the community has rallied around and nurtured the industry. These factors have led to more than 230 aerospace firms and 36,600 workers calling Oklahoma City home. 

Each chapter of the story offers readers the chance to engage with key moments and players in Oklahoma City’s history to tell the holistic story of the development of the aerospace industry in the region.

The story also features a new video highlighting top leaders at the FAA, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Kratos discussing what has made Oklahoma City an aviation hub and how its best days are still ahead.

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