Q&A with Cage founder Sandip Patel

Published: Friday, March 6, 2020 By: Marcus Elwell Source: VeloCity

Sandip Patel is the founder of the Oklahoma City-based company Cage. Through Cage, the Oklahoma native is trying to help creative teams solve their biggest challenge and gain more of their most precious resource: time. Cage is a media collaboration and project tool built for designers, agencies and in-house teams. Cage was recently awarded a grant through the prestigious Adobe Fund for Design

VeloCity recently sat down with Patel for a two-part interview. Part one, below, focuses on Cage and the impact it is having on the creative world. Coming soon, part two will focus on Patel’s background and his passion for entrepreneurship in his home state.

VeloCityOKC: In your own words, what is Cage? 

Patel: You’d think by now I could tell you in the fewest words possible, but I just seem to ramble about it. To best understand what Cage does it’s often easier for me to help you understand the problem we are solving. We believe, "Your time and your attention are your most valuable resources and our goal is to help creative teams make the most of those through a set of unique tools."

We’re on a mission to help teams collaborate better. We’re doing this by our giving customers a unique toolset that fosters better collaboration with contextual conversations around the work your doing, gets people out of their inbox and having discussions and sharing ideas in one place, planning and forecasting if they’re on track with their project and who’s working on what, and allows them to professionally package the work they are sharing with customizable and branded pages – that lets them weave a story that shares insights into design decisions and seamlessly gather feedback and approvals with one click — without writing any code.

So for example, we give you tools where they can draw on top of a video and it leaves a range-based annotation. That lets the editor make those changes quickly. Traditionally, a client might e-mail you and say, "Hey, there’s a Pepsi can that we need to remove." You’re now playing a game of “Where’s Waldo” since you have no context for their feedback. With Cage, they can draw directly on the video which gives you exactly where in the video the change needs to happen and lets you make revisions faster. That means your team is doing fewer revisions back and forth, and they are starting the next project sooner.

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