Francis Tuttle grows aviation, aerospace services

Published: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 By: Paula Burkes Source: NewsOK

How does Francis Tuttle Technology Center support Oklahoma’s aviation and aerospace industry?

Francis Tuttle’s Workforce and Economic Development team works with aerospace organizations in Oklahoma to assess their workforce needs, then quickly create targeted training programs to fill the gap. The curriculum is either specified to a company’s detailed job description/analysis or, many times, to more generic, regionally needed skills.

Input from the company regarding the curriculum and structure is vital to assure quality outcomes. In most cases, when these trainees graduate from the training program, they are hired directly by the organization.

We have supported Tinker Air Force Base for more than a decade through our aviation sheet metal program, which is still training about 30 students every couple of months.

What new services does Francis Tuttle plan to provide to interested aviation and aerospace companies?

With the industry continuing to grow, and new technologies developed, there is a need to hire even more skilled aircraft technicians. Composite materials involving fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar benefit aircraft by being lighter, more fuel-efficient, resistant to corrosion, and in many cases stronger. The manufacturing and repair of these materials will require local companies to seek qualified composites technicians.

Our goal is to create a composites curriculum that can train an individual with no aircraft composites background, and upon completion, have the qualification level for entry-level placement. We plan to incorporate the composites curriculum as part of our aviation sheet metal program by this summer.

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