Prairie Wolf Spirits making hand cleaner

Published: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 By: Molly Fleming Source: VeloCityOKC

Making hand cleaner at the Prairie Wolf Spirits distillery started a few weeks ago, mainly as a way to help residents who couldn’t find it on store shelves.

Erik Tekell at Prairie Wolf previously worked for Immy in Norman and proposed the concept. PW followed the recipe shared by the World Health Organization, using ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and water.

“The plan was to make 5,000 bottles just to hand out to people,” said Jonathon Stranger, co-owner of Prairie Wolf Spirits. “We didn’t know that all of this demand would be coming down the pipe.”

Then, the need greatly increased, as state and city officials called for people to stay home. Hospitals and other first responders started running short on supplies and retail shelves were cleared of sanitizer.

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