MaxQ swiftly responds to coronavirus crisis with a pivot

Published: Monday, May 4, 2020 By: Dale Denwalt Source: NewsOK

Great ideas and great companies don't go away during times of crisis. Many just require a little more nurturing.

Other businesses recognize that with quick action and a bit of a pivot, they can not only survive a crisis, but that they can actually improve the situation.

MaxQ, a Stillwater company that creates sophisticated packaging systems for blood and other biologics, is one of our portfolio companies. MaxQ's packaging systems are specially designed to hold and transfer refrigerated, controlled room temperature or frozen biological materials, such as red blood cells, whole blood, platelets, or plasma, as well as tissue specimens and organs.

When the implications of COVID-19 began accelerating in February, CEO Saravan Kumar and the team at MaxQ immediately began assessing the potential impact on their business. At the time, the company was in nearly 450 hospitals in the U.S. and another 10 internationally.

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