Understanding patient needs

Published: Monday, May 11, 2020 By: Scott Meacham Source: NewsOK

A most difficult and heart-rending aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic is that COVID patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities are so alone. Quarantine is mandatory. No outside visitors. Not friends, family, or even next of kin. A patient’s only human contact is with “strangers” wearing face masks and shields, gloves and surgical gowns, booties and other protective gear.

These “strangers” are of course the best of the best. Dedicated teams of nurses, doctors, and additional medical professionals who are serving under some of the most stressful conditions imaginable. Not only are they risking contracting this highly contagious and deadly disease, their multishift hours are incredibly long. Staffing models are turned upside down. And, if all of this were not enough, they are juggling persistent shortages in personal protection equipment.

In a seemingly unrelated sector of the economy — the hospitality industry — COVID-19 has also delivered a body blow. Marcus Robinson, CEO of Monscierge, an Oklahoma City-based interactive software company with solutions installed in hotels around the world, recognized immediately that Monscierge had to be nimble and creative to manage through this unimaginable crisis. An early aha was the recognition that the capabilities that Monscierge provided hotels could be adapted to hospitals dealing with COVID-19. Changing the way face-to-face interactions occur is something Monscierge solutions deliver every day.

“We have always had a guest-centric approach,” Robinson said. “I challenged our team to come up with a way that we could support the challenges that hospitals were encountering. We used our platform to allow hotels to communicate with guests, why couldn’t we help hospitals do the same thing?”

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